(Alkmaar, 1992)

lives in The Hague, Netherlands
info@melissaschriek.com / melissaschriek@hotmail.com

+6 244 67 550


The way his hands move when he speaks,

                                                                                                                         an accidental sculpture on the street or the curtains of my neighbor,

                                                                          moving slightly by the wind.

When I was a child, I wanted to be a detective so I could satisfy the enormous curiosity I carried for the world and people around me. Instead of becoming a detective, I began making use of the camera to investigate. I still carry this curiousity with me when I make work and this often results in noticing simple, small details, that may seem unimportant. This sensitivity for small, intimate details are vital for my practice and by emphasizing, I hope the viewer will notice and become aware of them too.

I explore relationships between individuals and their environment through both observation and staging. My work is often created with a performative approach, aesthetically and conceptually exploring the border between staged and documentary photography.
I perceive the camera as a powerful tool where fact and fiction can work together to explore modern, social issues.Ultimately I would like my work to raise questions and about how we relate to one another and our personal environment.

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