I have been to

‘Places’ is a selection of places I have visited. The city and the streets are a big part of my work and I especially like travelling abroad to unknown places. Before I make my work I research a place to discover its atmosphere and find all the details that make that place significant to me. It is a way to connect to the environment that feels very honest to me. Where my other work is often a combination of staging and documenting, ‘places’ has a slightly different approach as I directly react to the environment in the exact moment that I find it.
I have kept these photos for myself for a some time as I merely thought of them as ‘research’ images but lately they intrigued me as something standing on their own. This way of working trains me to really look around me, without judgement, to look at what I see and approach it however it comes. It takes me back to what photography is for me: a way to see ordinary things in a new and exciting way.